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"Lionheart" slideshow:

Cole prepares to leave the jungleWild Force Rangers face two OrgRangers express their worriesCole searches Turtle Cove for his parents
Cole rescues animals from a shelterJindrax and Toxica show their true formsThe Rangers recruit ColeCole meets the Lion Wildzord
Shayla and the Rangers introduce themselvesCole reveals his red crystalTurbine Org shows off his powerTaylor gives Cole a Growl Phone
Wild Force Rangers prepare for battleTurbine and Plug Org release their powerWild Force Rangers are attackedWild Force Rangers activate the Jungle Sword
Jindrax and Toxica show themselvesTurbine Org grows giganticWild Force Rangers awaken the WildzordsWildzords unleash their power
Turbine Org is destroyedPower Rangers Wild Force 'United They Roar'