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"Darkness Awakening" slideshow:

Cole talks to the Lion WildzordBarbed Wire Org is bornJindrax and Toxica enter the NexusMaster Org shows himself
Taylor and Cole have an arguement over how to handle the OrgPutrids, minions of evil rise upCole tries to reason with Barbed WireRed Ranger faces off with the Org
Yellow Ranger challenges the PutridsWild Force Rangers face off with the Jungle SwordBarbed Wire Org growsWildzords descend from the Animarium
Wild Force Rangers unite the Wildzords with their Crystal SabersWild Force Megazord is formedWild Force Megazord awakenWild Force Megazord uses the Mega Roar to destroy the Barbed Wire
Master Org plans his next schemeCole is welcomed to the team as the Blazing Lion