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"Click, Click, Zoom" slideshow:

Master Org scolds Jindrax and ToxicaCole thinks the only rule they need is teamworkTaylor listends to the Legend of Animarium3,000 years ago Wildzords and humans lived in peace
At least until Master Org is unleashedThe Ancient Warriors protect AnimariaShayla's guardian escorts her to her slumberThe Animarium is lifted into the sky
The Rangers wonder where Taylor isPeople are attacked by Camera OrgThe people are turned invisibleThe Yellow Ranger battles Jindrax
Taylor becomes invisibleCole tries to rescue TaylorBlue Ranger tries to hold off the PutridsThe Red Ranger restores the people's images
The Yellow Ranger's ready for actionCamera Org uses his film to throw the Rangers aroundRed Ranger uses the Lion Blaster to destroy the OrgCamera Org grows
Wild Force Megazord activates Mega RoarTaylor laughs at Cole for breaking his own rule