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"Never Give Up" slideshow:

Max reads about a monster he thinks is an OrgKendall, a friend of Danny's shows upSo Max looks for the Org by himselfMax is upset at Danny for not going with him
Bell Org shows up to attackBlue Ranger must fight the Org aloneBlack Ranger remembers when the Blue Ranger saved his life onceDanny finds Max's Growl Phone
Yellow Ranger fights JindraxBlack Ranger confronts Bell OrgMax is trapped inside a bellBlack Ranger rescues Max
Blue Ranger leads off the attackBlue and Black Rangers work togetherRangers prepare to form the Jungle SwordBell Org grows
Wild Force Megazord Awaken!Bell Org gets trapped by his own bellWild Force Megazord unleashes Mega RoarDanny chickens out of telling Kenall how he feels