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"Ancient Awakening" slideshow:

Alyssa is on a class trip in the mountainsShe finds a glowing Wild Force emblemShe brings back Princess Shayla to investigateJindrax and Toxica recruit Tire Org
The Rangers arrive to stop Tire OrgTire Org attacksPrincess Shayla is then capturedRangers are unable to catch him
Rangers access the Savage CyclesRed Ranger tries to get the hang of his cycleWhite Ranger slows down Tire OrgRangers rush on their Savage Cycles to the rescue
White Ranger rescues Princess ShaylaTire Org growsTire Org overpowers the MegazordMaster Org wastes his time trying to unleash the power within the cave
White Ranger is injuredMaster Org blasts the cavern where the animal once residedAlyssa recieves the power of another crystalShe summons the Elephant Wildzord
Wild Force Megazord (Sword & Shield Mode) is victoriousCole tries to master modern technology, his new Savage Cycle