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"Wishes On The Water" slideshow:

Alyssa tells a story about wishesMaster Org appears to be adjusting his hornMax makes a wish in a bottleToxica tells Jindrax what she seen with Master Org
Ship Org arrises from the waterWild Force Rangers show up to fightBlue Ranger has it out with Ship OrgBlue Ranger is rescued by a strange beast
Rangers find Max washed up on shoreMax tells Princess Shayla of an unusual dreamBlue Ranger returns to battle Ship OrgWild Force Rangers fight together
Putrids bring more troubleShip Org thinks the Putrids are there to attack himBlue Ranger uses a crane to catch Ship Org offgaurdRed Ranger powers up the Jungle Sword
Ship Org growsWild Force Megazord (Sword & Shield Mode) is brought onlineBlue Ranger recieves a new crystalHe summons the Giraffe Wildzord
Wild Force Megazord (Spear Mode) is activatedMegazord uses the Spear of PardolusDanny helps Max remake his wishRangers tease Max, calling him a kid