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"The Bear Necessities" slideshow:

Taylor remembers her first sight of the Eagle WildzordAs an airforce pilot, she is lead to the AnimariumIn the present, Taylor meets two little boysThen she is attacked by Cell Phone Org
Yellow Ranger attacks with her Golden SwordTaylor is injuredCell Phone Org creates a jamming signalUnable to morph, the Putrids overpower Taylor
The two strange boys save herRangers are unable to morphTaylor remembers her first sight of the Animarium as a little girl on a planeThe boys help Taylor up
Cole and Alyssa are corneredTaylor thanks the boysThey lead her into a secret placeTaylor must climb down a cliff to retrieve something for them
Alyssa damages Cell Phone Org's antennaYellow Ranger retrieves two flowersWild Force Rangers prepare for battleThey use the Jungle Sword to perform Savage Slash
Cell Phone Org growsThe two boys look up at the Wild Force MegazordThey become the Bear and Polar Bear WildzordsYellow Ranger recieves the two crystals
Wild Force Megazord (Double Knuckle Mode) is formedThe Lion isn't powerful enough for the formation and is injured badly