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"Soul Searching" slideshow:

Princess Shayla tells Cole of a legendary Soul Bird that can heal a WildzordBulldozer Org makes an attackWild Force Rangers are ready for himBulldozer Org prepares to grow
Wild Force Megazord does battle with BulldozerWild Force Megazord (Double Knuckle Mode) is attempted againWildzords defend an injured LionRed Ranger departs to find the Soul Bird
Cole searches only to find Master OrgMaster Org injures Cole with a laser blastAnd finds a very disturbing memory in Cole's pictureTwo scientists run through the woods, they are Cole's parents
One of their collegues is transforming into Master OrgSoul Bird comes to its nest, but is scared away by Master OrgMaster Org is also frightened away while threatening ColeCole recieves a green crystal
He summons the Gorilla Wildzord to fightA new formation, the Wild Force Kongazord is formedWild Force Kongazord attacks with Vital StrikeRangers find the egg of a baby Soul Bird