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"Soul Bird Salvation" slideshow:

Jindrax and Toxica find General RetinaxRetinax wants to prove himself for Master OrgRangers activate the Jungle SwordRetinax reflects the Jungle Sword's power
Jindrax and Toxica introduce Freezer OrgJindrax has it out with the Yellow RangerRangers are caught in Freezer Org's ice stormFreezer Org is destroyed
Gorilla Wildzord awakensPrincess Shayla sees the Soul Bird is ready to hatchFreezer Org attacks the Wild Force KongazordWild Force Kongazord is frozen
Growl Phones are frozenRangers are cornered by JindraxPrincess Shayla holds the egg up for the Soul Bird to hatchRetinax proves to be very strong
Retinax overpowers the KongazordSoul Bird is hatchedSoul Bird becomes the new cockpitWild Force Megazord is back online
The new enhanced Mega Roar destroys RetinaxRetinax survies just to be finished off by Master Org