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"Curse Of The Wolf" slideshow:

General Nayzor is awakened from the NexusCole tells a scary story of a wolf beastNayzor has his own missionJindrax and Toxica recruit Vacuum Cleaner Org
Rangers are sucked up toNayzor finds an Org graveyardRangers battle Vaccum Cleaner OrgRangers activate the Jungle Sword
Vaccum Cleaner Org faces off with the Wild Force MegazordWild Force Megazord (Sword & Shield Mode)Princess Shayla senses a great evilA full moon and the tomb is opened
Wild Force Rangers are ready for whatever it isDuke Org Zenaku rises up to the full moonRangers are attacked one by oneZenaku is the all powerful Wolf Duke Org
Zenaku defeats the Red RangerTaken the Elephant crystal, Zenaku leaves the Rangers in their defeat